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How to Store Materials Safely After Taking an Asbestos Sample

If you're working on a renovation project in an older property, then you may come across materials that could contain asbestos. If you can't tell if asbestos is present in a material, you can send a sample off for testing. While taking a sample requires some safety precautions, it isn't that complicated if you follow the testing company's instructions, and you may be

Ways You Can Prevent Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete

There are an array of reasons why your concrete may develop cracks. One of the common types you could experience is cracking caused by plastic shrinkage, where the concrete dried up fast, which causes cracks to develop on the surface. Plastic shrinkage can occur in both cool weather and hot weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with the differe

Why Piling May Be Better than Compaction

Your building designer may choose to specify piles or have the soil compacted in case he or she discovers that the soil isn't capable of supporting the weight of the proposed building. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses some situations when piling may be a better option than having the soil compacted. No Additional S

Three Simple Guidelines for Strengthening Your Timber Attic Trusses

Timber trusses are favoured in home construction because the design leaves an open space at the centre for the attic. This space can be used for living purposes or as storage room. In general, this exposed framework will provide long-term service after the initial construction. However, in some cases, the trusses might become weaker with time. For example, if the roof

Modern Features of Smart Locking Systems

With many different components of life being revolutionised by technology, the traditional door lock has not been left behind. The lock and key method that many people are used to is slowly being replaced by more modern locking mechanisms. These locks are capable of receiving instructions from mobile devices and computer applications in order to open or close when nec